Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Like a month ago I decided to come back to japan and do some photos here. The trip was going great till my dog (marina) got sick in Brazil and made me really worried. She's doing fine and I
decided to enjoy my last 2 weeks here doing what I like to do... Photos!
I will try to keep this trip log on a daily basis, so if you can, tell me what you think and leave any comments you want.

I'm going to start with some photos we took on harajuku the other day. It was a sunday but still
we didn't see that many cosplays and lolitas we where hoping for. The good thing is that when you
have a jason mask a bunny hat, you can be your own freaking scary cosplay!

Hope you enjoy my photos making the lil loli girl scared to hell (she was REALLY scared... she almost ran from me a few times before she said ok to take photos with me.


Little Pepper said...

Awsome photos, as always! Hope your dog gets better! Miss you dear Ogre!

Natália Espinosa said...

hey love, I'm always watching over you.
you're the best friend ever.

wakako said...

So....where's my photos? TAKE ME AND MY FRIENDS, MARUO!!!

by waka