Thursday, September 24, 2009

So What the Hell can you do in tokyo???

It's amazing how much crap you can find here in tokyo, stuff that no one would ever dream of doing. But are those things good and interesting or just stupid shit no one else in other countries would invest money? I would say... both... more of the second... but both. So lets start with the ghibly museum... cuz that is pure awesomeness. Its really amazing and magic but if you are hoping to see something like disney, its boring as hell. I was always a big fan of Miyazaki's movies so I always dreamed of visiting the museum and it was 10 dollars super well expended. If you think about it, for just 10 bucks you get to see a short exclusive movie (that is fucking pure awesomeness), play and touch every thing and see amazing toys animated with light, so you feel they are actually moving. I cryed like a lil girl.... it was so cool!!!!
So this one is a photo of the giant you can find on the museum...

The Best part was to visit there with my really really really nerdy otaku friends and the not really otaku girl friend of my friend. Arnaud, Nick and EmmaTan... it was really awesome to see them here in tokyo. Such a shame they could only stay for a week =(
At least we had fun in Shibuya on a club (TIP FROM THE MASTER: if you wanna dance with cute girls from japan, don't let your friends take you to a gay club...)

(Sorry for the horrible quality of the photo but there was almost no light in there)

So.... before this post ends, cuz its 4am and I need my sexy sleep... I went to a Maid Cafe today with my friend Waka. The poor girl didn't want to go there but in the end I think she almost had some kind of fun. The girls were not really Maids... so if you expect to come to japan and be served like a porn king, dude... just stay home and download some porn cuz it's wayyyy not worth it. We were served by the noisiest ladies in japan with the ability to take half an hour to serve JUICE (from a freaking box, dude!!!) and don't let me start on the amount of time to bring the worst looking food in japan (and let me tell you... that is fucking ugly cuz japan RULES ugly food, don't let sushi food you my bitch... most of their food is horrible). One thing was really cute, they were always teaching us how to give Love Power to the food with moviments of love and sing some crazy non sense music while making Heart Shapes with our hands. Well.. the love song awas cool... The food.... not so good and ugly as hell as you can see...

Can you believe she was trying to draw a CAT.... no.... really.... she was doing her best....
In the end she was kinda ashamed... SHE SHOULD BE.... they spend ALL DAY doing only that
and they charge me 500 yen an hour (6 dollars dude!!!) for the extra service to draw me THIS???? Hell NO! But in the end she made the love dance and made the shape of a heart with her hands and it was so cute I forgot the ketchup beast on the food. KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII


Natália Espinosa said...

It's good to know Marina is still going to be around for a while.
Your posts are insane, man, keep the good shit going.
And wtf, stop going to gay clubs. Really, even in Japan?

And the thing in the last pic looks like Totoro. You're my Totoro. :~ I miss u.

Lumi said...

Catchup??? Urgh! hahahaah

AgiWaka said...

who was it that left Hello Kitty Dildo at Maid's cafe??? =P